New Album "Virginia"

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There’s something about his music that’s utterly convincing. He has that ache in his voice that imbues his every word with portent and meaning
— Jeremy Searle, Americana-UK


Woody Woodworth and his band, The Piners, hail from Richmond Va. Woody Woodworth is a singer-song writer that embodies the heart of Americana with his haunting melodies of love, loss, and the American spirit. With a rich background in music, Woodworth writes tales of the blue-collar working class that are easy on the ears and heavy on the heart. The Piners blend alt-country, rock and roll, and Southern Americana genres. They get their name from the bygone expression "to Pine" which is defined as a "deep longing for something or someone".


Vocals, Guitar / Woody Woodworth

Guitar/ Jacob Williamson

Bass / Jonny Wood

Violin, Fiddle / David Lam

Pedal Steel Guitar / Justin Mull

Mandolin / Ian Blackwood

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by Woody Woodworth & The Piners